About Our Dealerships

The Mercedes-Benz Dealerships Committed to Excellence

Mercedes-Benz Group of California is the Mercedes-Benz site serving the greater Buena Park, Torrance, Oxnard, and San Jose areas. At our Mercedes-Benz dealerships, premium customer service is the standard, and we strive to continually raise the bar on our client experiences. Leasing, purchasing, or servicing a Mercedes-Benz is no small matter. We make the process of getting you behind the wheel and into the lavish seat of the Mercedes-Benz you desire of the utmost importance every time.

We consider it is a pleasure to serve the Buena Park, Torrance, Oxnard, and San Jose communities. As a thoughtful business center focused on innovation and progress, we are proud to be of service. At our Mercedes-Benz dealerships, we strive to ensure that client and employee time spent with us is time rewarded and spent well.

Our quality pre-owned vehicles are perfectly priced. So there is no haggling. No back-and-forth. No pressure. Plus, you can be certain that our no-haggle price is low... because it's Guaranteed. Bonus: our used cars are Worry Free because they are rigorously checked with our multi-point inspection process.

Our accommodations are designed to both expedite and ease the journey towards your new, pre-owned, or serviced Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Waiting areas are as clean and comfort-driven as the interiors of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles themselves, and our lots are organized as such to swiftly bring you the Mercedes-Benz you're looking for. Your time is valuable, and every moment you spend with us is provided for with relaxing accommodations and forward-thinking service representatives.